Life-threatening emergency maintenance request

In a life-threatening emergency, dial 911 first then when possible notify us

Non-life threatening property emergencies

Please call 877-703-6933 for weekend or after-hours non-life threatening property emergencies (i.e., pipe burst, sewage backup, none of the toilets in the property is working, storm damage, furnace failure in freezing temperatures, cooling failure in extreme heat, electrical outlets smoking or sparking or no electricity in the property ). Property emergencies are generally limited to these examples and defined as anything that will cause damage to the property or put anyone at risk if left unattended until the next business day.

If possible, please check the following as a first-aid measurement before calling DeGrate’s Enterprise Inc.:

In case of a maintenance emergency, our immediate goal is to reduce risk and then return later to a normal operation.

  • Pipe burst – Please shut off the water at the cutoff if possible
  • Electrical outlets or appliances smoking or sparking or no electricity in the property – disconnect the relevant appliances, turn off the power at the breaker panel
  • No electricity – check if breakers have not tripped and check with the power company
  • No water – please check with the city first

Regular maintenance requests

For regular maintenance requests, please call the office during regular business hours 877-703-6933 or complete the following request:

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